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 How Often Do You Need To Change Your Transmission Fluid

How Often Do You Need To Change Your Transmission Fluid

Just like most other investments, your car needs to be protected thus you need to make sure it functions properly all the time. As a responsible car owner, it is your duty to check on your car regularly in order to address any issues that may occur. Car maintenance doesn’t just extend the lifespan of your car but it can also prevent expensive car repairs from happening. If there are any odd sounds or sudden changes such as car stalling when there isn’t one in the first place, chances are, your car may show clear warning signs. 

One of the most important things that most car owners tend to ignore is their transmission fluid and the need to change it once in a while. Car owners know about oil change and its importance. They even have stickers on their windows to remind them when their next car service is. However, they don’t know much about transmission fluid change. Generally, cars have automatic transmission so why worry about changing your automatic transmission fluid? 

What is the purpose of transmission fluid?

Your car’s engine can generate heat that can melt steel. Transmission fluid, just like your car’s oil, is a type of lubricant that can stop that heat from melting your car. The purpose of transmission fluid is to make sure that various working parts of the transmission engine will not get damage. The fluid will keep the transmission lubricated and cool. When lubricated properly, the transmissions parts can move and work freely.

However, when the fluid gets bad, that’s when a serious problem can occur. Remember, transmission fluid can collect a considerable amount of debris and once it gets bad, it can affect the car’s acceleration and gear shifting. Because of the accumulated particles and debris, it’s harder for transmission fluid to work properly.  When the transmission fluid isn’t working as it should be, the friction generated by the transmission cannot be counterbalanced. If you don’t know it yet, transmission replacement can be expensive which will most likely happen if a complete transmission failure will occur. 

Check your transmission fluid

It is a great idea is you check your transmission fluid regularly as they can be silent car killers. A good transmission fluid has a red color. A brown color indicates dangers. If your transmission fluid is no longer red, time to change it.

How often do you need to change your transmission fluid then?

You know how to check your transmission fluid. However, you might be wondering how often you should change it. Transmission fluid can deteriorate with time. In order to prevent it from happening, change it when necessary. The need to change your transmission fluid will depend mainly on how often you use your car. For example, if you live and drive mainly in the city, it means your car will require a lot of stops and go. Once your car does, it will wear down the transmission fluid faster. Generally, a transmission fluid change is required every 50,000 miles but it might not be the same with some car owners. To make sure you change your transmission fluid on time, talk to the car experts – they know how to take care of your car properly.