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 What Are The Most Common Car Electrical System Problems?

What Are The Most Common Car Electrical System Problems?

What Are The Most Common Car Electrical System Problems?

Cars are composed of many parts, screws, and electrical wirings that are all working together for your car’s performance. While your car needs gasoline for it to run; it also relies on electricity too. The electrical system is one of the most vital components of your car. Any issue experienced on your car’s electrical should be investigated right away. The most common problems that car owners may experience with their vehicle’s electrical system are as follows:

Dead battery

The moment you turn on the ignition key yet your car won’t start, then mostly likely the culprit is your car’s dead battery. Typically, the life expectancy of a car’s battery is from 4 years up to 6 years. However, if your car’s battery is still new or hasn’t reached its lifespan period yet, then you can try solving this problem by charging the battery and then restarting your car again. Common signs of a dead battery include dim lights or lights that won’t turn on, and an engine that won’t start. 

Failed engine starter

So, you have checked the battery and it is working fine; but your car still wouldn’t start. It could be caused by a damaged starter. As it what its name implies, a starter is responsible for getting your car’s wheel spinning. You will know if your starter is failing if you don’t hear that “click” sound as you turn on the starter. 

Bad alternator

If the Engine Control Module (ECM) is the brain of your car, then the alternator is considered as the heart of its electrical system. The alternator is responsible for sending electricity to the electrical components of the vehicle such as the headlights, windows, and others. Signs of a failed alternator include flickering headlights, power windows not working, radio issues, decreasing power and loss of speed of the car. When you notice these signs, it is important to bring your car to a professional mechanic right away to prevent further issues. 

Blown fuse

A blown fuse is another common electrical system issue encountered by car owners. Your car’s fuse is the one that protects your car’s wiring and other electrical components. Typical causes of a blown fuse are overloaded circuit, a short circuit, and a ground circuit. When any of these happens, the power needed to the electrical components gets cut off and your car won’t get you anywhere. Replacing a blown fuse is not costly and can be easily done at your own garage. 

Spark plugs issues

The spark plugs are another component of the electrical component of your car that plays an important role in the engine combustion chambers. However, there are times when the spark plugs get broken and wont work. You will know if you are having a problematic spark plugs when your car loses its power rapidly or when your car is not accelerating as it should. 

Loose wires

There are a lot of reasons why your car’s wirings get loose or damaged. Some of the most common culprits are rodent damage, old wires, and moisture. Loose and short circuit wires can result in a blown fuse. If you smell burning plastic in your car, then it is time to have your car checked by a professional mechanic.