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 Common Electric Vehicle Repairs

Common Electric Vehicle Repairs

EV or electric vehicles are getting popular today as they have low running cost since they have less moving parts. They are also environmentally friendly because they use little or no fossil fuels at all. EV’s are fully powered on electric power. Despite their differences from the typical vehicle, electrical vehicles still require maintenance. 

Here are some common electric vehicles repairs that you need to know including:

  • Battery

Your EV’s battery is almost the same as a regular car’s engine when it comes to cost and value. You need to take care of it like your EV’s life depends on it. Do not let it sit in an overly hot or very cold temperature for an extended period of time or charge it too often or allow it to get totally dead.

  • Brakes

Your EV’s brakes maintenance and repair will depend on several factors such as how much you drive, how hard you drive or the terrain in your area. However, compared to a typical vehicle, EV’s brakes can last much longer. It is because EV’s use regenerative braking, converting the kinetic energy from its motion into mechanical energy to slow it down. Regenerative braking uses less friction making EV’s brakes last longer. Plus, the designs of EV’s brakes are designed to provide protection for your vehicle.

  • Tires

Make sure that you choose a tire that is designed and created mainly for electric vehicles. That way, your EV will perform better and will last longer. Plus, replacing tires again and again may not look good at all. You are saving the environment by using a vehicle powered by electric power only to pollute it by excessively tossing out tires more often than you are required. 

  • Fluid

Electric vehicles use regenerative braking, they still have normal brake discs and pads. Like the ones found in a typical vehicle, they will be pressed together using hydraulic fluid and that fluid is hygroscopic. This means that EV’s brake system will still absorb water from the air which will cause corrosion. Therefore, it is important that you flush it regularly. This will keep your brakes working properly and doing it will maintain your EV’s life span.

Electric vehicles are slowly getting the attention of many people today, especially drivers. They may have a lot of differences from a typical vehicle but it doesn’t mean that they don’t require repair or maintenance. Like other vehicles and machinery, proper care and a checkup can do wonders, even for electric vehicles. It can keep your EV working properly as well as extending its lifespan too. For more information on EV’s, hybrids, or even questions on your gas powered vehicle, contact us at Advanced Auto Care.