The Basics Behind Alternator Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

An alternator is part of a vehicle’s charging system, and is an essential component in keeping a vehicle operable. The alternator works with the battery and voltage regulator to keep electrical components running. Usually located near the front of a vehicle’s engine, an alternator can be identified by its aluminum body, vents, and an internal or external cooling fan. Depending on the vehicle, the alternator pulley is driven by either a serpentine belt or v-belt. This mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy as internal parts operate to create a magnetic field used to produce the alternating current output. The alternator can reach high temperatures fast, so an operative cooling fan is important. Although the battery can keep the vehicle running for a little while, it will not be able to keep it running for an extended period of time if the alternator malfunctions. In fact, the alternator serves as the charger for the battery as well. Because a bad alternator will eventually render the vehicle inoperable, it is imperative that a driver have this component repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Why Should You Have Alternator Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

If your alternator begins malfunctioning, check out our replacement alternator service as soon as possible. Warning signs your alternator needs repair or replacement may include the electrical components of your car. For instance, a warning light may appear on the dashboard, or headlights can dim. In cases where the alternator begins making noise, the belt can simply be loose. Other times, the odor of burning rubber will permeate the air and signal a problem. No matter what the symptoms are, we will help. The next time you suspect alternator issues, let us take a look and help you get back on the road again.

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