The Basics Behind Automatic Transmission Repair Services at Advanced Auto Care

A transmission is responsible for transmitting power to the drive wheels from the engine and helping the engine handle a range of speeds. An automatic transmission transfers power from the engine to the drive wheel while automatically changing between gears so you can focus on controlling power and speed. The following major components include automatic transmissions: a planetary gear generator, a hydraulic pump, and a torque converter. The main difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission is the torque converter which operates in a similar manner to the clutch. The torque converter responds dynamically to engine speed and sends power to the vehicle’s wheels. To help lubricate internal gears and parts, torque converters depend on transmission fluid, while transmission fluid also helps with the force and pressure required to turn gears. Various maintenance services can help avoid major repairs and unforeseen breakdowns over the life of an automatic transmission while extending the life of your transmission.

Why Should You Have Automatic Transmission Repair Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

An automatic transmission service is designed to avoid unexpected failure and to ensure optimum functionality of the transmission. Some issues that could contribute to an automatic transmission service include heavy towing loads and inadequate transmission fluid rates. To keep all internal gears and components clean and lubricated it is important to test the transmission fluid levels. Noise grinding and leakage will warn you early on of possible problems. If you detect a burnt smell emanating from the transmission of your vehicle, the ability of your transmission to retain fluid can pose a problem. A lack of routine maintenance may lead to problems with automatic transmission. Replacing a transmission can be costly, so it’s important to stay on top of automatic transmission repairs and basic maintenance to optimize your transmission life.

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