The Basics Behind Ball Joint Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

The suspension system helps your tires to maintain constant ground contact, particularly on rough surfaces such as bumps and potholes. Ball joints are ball-and-socket joints and are situated between the control arm and the knuckle. Ball joints serve as the point of pivot between the wheels and the rest of the suspension. They are designed to allow simultaneous movement in two planes, while enabling rotation in those planes. They allow the suspension system of a vehicle to move up or down, while the wheels are turning left or right. Vehicles with shocks have upper and lower ball joints while other strut vehicles have lower ball joints.

Why Should You Have Ball Joint Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Some ball joints bear load and tear more rapidly than regular ball joints. Ball joints are built to undergo wear and tear as an essential component of suspension, often in the form of friction. Like all elements of the suspension system, the ball joints have a maintenance schedule which can help avoid accidental repairs or replacements.

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