The Basics Behind Battery Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

Car batteries are important components of both the charging and starting processes. The job of the battery is to send a current of electricity to the starter inside the starting device, so that the vehicle can start and run. In addition, the battery is responsible for supplying power to other electrical devices, such as the radio and internal and external lights when the demand exceeds the alternator’s supply or when the engine is off. Many vehicles use one battery, but vehicles operating a 24-volt system with diesel engines, electric vehicles, or motorcycles that need two or more batteries to power their engines and electrical systems.

Why Should You Have Battery Replacement Services Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

If you have trouble starting your car, visit us for a service to replace the batteries. We’ll determine if the battery is the source of the issue and require a replacement. Furthermore, even though your battery is not functioning properly, our repair service can be advisable. Although new batteries typically work well for the first three to five years until they are likely to fail, battery life may be reduced due to severe weather or unsuitable maintenance conditions. If you have access to the correct testing equipment, there can be no notice that you need to change your battery. Our staff have the requisite resources for testing the output of your battery. If our tests show you need a new battery, we’ll guide you through the process of replacing it. If you have any doubts or concerns about your battery, just call us, or email us online.

We proudly service car battery replacements for customers in Hanover, MD, Columbia, MD, Severn, MD, and surrounding areas.

Areas Served : Hanover, MD, Columbia, MD, Severn, MD and surrounding areas