The Basics Behind Brake Rotor Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

The rotors of your braking system, together with the brake pads, help bring the car to a full stop. Commonly made of cast iron, rotors are disks mounting onto the hub of the wheel. The brake pads pinch against the rotors as you press the brake pedal, which slows down the wheels. The design of rotors can differ from vehicle to vehicle, and from brake to brake system. Model variations help dissipate the heat generated between the brake pads and the rotors while slowing down the car. Disc brake systems can compensate for heat dissipation in two ways: either a ventilated design of the rotors, or a hole on the surface of the brake pads. Such vents and slots have openings so that air circulation can refrigerate the rotor effectively. Proper dissipation of heat is extremely necessary to extend the life of your rotors. Drivers are advised to look at their brake rotors and try repairs to rotors or remove rotors where appropriate.

Why Should You Have Brake Rotor Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Brake pads and rotors work together to stop the vehicle and share wear patterns identical to these. When brake pads push against the rotor to stop the car, the friction needed to slow down the wheels produces a significant amount of heat that can wear down the brake pads and rotors if not properly dissipated. A vibrating brake pedal is one indication that it hurts the rotors and needs to be replaced. If a rotor is removed from the brake assembly, cracks and other damage sustained during daily operation may be checked at the rotor. Periodic rotor checks will extend rotor repairs and replacements while ensuring that your brake system continues to function as planned. A significant part of brake maintenance is the hunt for brake rotor replacements during the service intervals specified by your owner’s manual, or as wear and tear dictates. If you’re wondering if a replacement rotor is right for your car, please contact our service staff member today.

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