The Basics Behind Cooling System Pressure Test Services at Advanced Auto Care

Fuel is transformed into heat energy in a vehicle with a combustion engine, meaning the vehicle can get very hot very quickly. By dissipating and extracting heat from the vehicle’s engine, the cooling system decreases internal engine temperatures and avoids potential overheating. Cooling systems use antifreeze to regulate the vehicle’s internal temperature. Engine coolants, like antifreeze, must withstand low temperatures without freezing, and without boiling high temperatures. In your refrigeration method, the antifreeze consists of ethylene glycol and water. The mixture increases antifreeze boiling and freezing points, which makes it effective in regulating the temperature of a car. Apart from keeping the engine cool as it circulates in the refrigeration system, antifreeze also prevents corrosion and helps to lubricate the engine to maintain it in good working order. When you encounter a leak in your cooling system, it’s important that you have it checked out earlier rather than later.

Why Should You Have Cooling System Pressure Test Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

The cooling system plays a very important role in controlling in-vehicle internal temperatures. Unfortunately, damage is not impervious to refrigeration systems. Leaks can occur when corrosion is present, and it can be difficult to locate such leaks. Since antifreeze helps to maintain stable internal temperatures while minimizing corrosion and lubricating internal parts, a failure of the cooling system left unchecked can inevitably lead to greater problems. If you find a leak, please be sure to visit us for a pressure check of the cooling system. Our pressure check will locate the leak source. When a leak is detected, the correct repair protocol can be decided by a member of our service staff. Our pressure check for the cooling system is successful and accurate, and we are assured that we can fix the cooling system your vehicle needs.

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