The Basics Behind CV Axle Inspection Services at Advanced Auto Care

The CV axle is a drive axle between the wheels of the engine. Its function is to give the wheels consistent power as they traverse various types of terrain. The CV axle is fastened by CV joints to the wheels. The internal CV joints link the transmission to the CV axle while the external CV joints attach the CV axle to the wheels. The CV joints connect the axle of the CV to the wheels and provide power while maintaining a constant speed. The assembly of the CV axle — axle shaft, CV joints, and CV boots — is designed to provide versatile power to the wheels.That means the axle can transmit the necessary torque rates to the wheels irrespective of the axle angle. CV axles were widely used in front-wheel drive vehicles at first, but CV axles are used today in rear-wheel drive vehicles as well.

Why Should You Have CV Axle Inspection Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Early identification of possible problems will help avoid more costly and comprehensive repairs to your CV axle. Trouble turning and tire resistance when maneuvering are indicators of problems with the CV axle. A bad CV axle can emit noise that increases with speed, such as squeaking. Vibrations which increase with speed and vibrating floorboards are also signs that our service staff will inspect your CV axle. Although CV axle inspection focuses on axle testing, our inspectors can experience problems related to CV joints or CV boots. Since the CV axle components merge into one working assembly, it is highly necessary for CV axle maintenance to check the correct working conditions for all components. Our inspection of CV Axles may help keep major repairs and replacements at bay.

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