The Basics Behind CV Boot Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

The Basics Behind CV Boot Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care CV joints link the transmission to the wheels, and are an integral part of the driving axles of your car. Each drive axle has two joints to the CV. The internal CV joint attaches the transmission to the axle and the external joint ties the axle to the wheels. The CV joints work in tandem with the suspension system when helping the wheels maintain a steady velocity as the vehicle encounters road power. CV boot houses and protects CV joints by keeping away dirt, debris and other components. CV boots are made of sufficiently strong rubber or plastic to withstand the constant bending of the CV joints. Boots also ensures CV joints remain lubricated by encapsulating the amount of lithium moly grease required. Without proper lubrication, a CV joint cannot easily adjust to the motion of the wheels. CV boots naturally degrade with age. Inspections can lengthen the life of CV joints and avert costly future repairs or replacements.

Why Should You Have CV Boot Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

As your CV boot holds your CV joint lubricated properly, any splits in the CV boot will result in a loss of lubrication. The resulting metal in contact with metal will wear down your CV joints fairly quickly. You should also remember that heat and friction will degrade your CV boot in the end. Because CV boots often keep the lubrication area clean and prevent any harmful dirt or debris from harming the CV joint, it is highly necessary to repair a broken or damaged CV boot as soon as possible. Our visual analysis should decide whether to remove the boot, or not. Our CV replacement boot will help the CV joint stay properly lubricated and help ensure proper movement transfer from the transmission to the wheels. Neglecting routine CV boot inspections and accompanying components can lead to costly repairs and replacements down the road.

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