The Basics Behind CV Joint Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

The CV joints for your vehicle connect to the drive axles, connecting the transmission to the wheels. The inner CV joint links the transmission to the axle and the external joint connects the axle to the wheels. Because the CV joint connects two rotating shafts in a fixed position, a range of motion must be permitted to compensate for road force while keeping the two shafts in connection. The CV joint is responsible for conveying consistent torque to the wheels irrespective of the axle or shaft angle. Using the suspension system, the CV joints switch to help the wheels maintain a steady velocity across different road forces such as bumps and potholes. The CV joint is constructed as a ball and socket joint, which uses steel balls to move a larger steel-bound ball. The CV joint is protected by a CV belt, which helps ensure proper lubrication. CV joints allow for a range of motion while having the wheels of your vehicle rolling over all types of surfaces at the same speeds.

Why Should You Have CV Joint Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

The moving metal parts wear on each other and slowly degrade over time as a CV joint loses lubrication. Noises, vibrations, and loss of acceleration through turns are all signs a CV joint may need replacement. Another thing that could lead to a replacement of your CV joint is your CV cap. The CV boot encases the CV joint to retain the amount of grease required to keep the joint lubricated. If the grease leaks, the CV joint will lose the proper amount of lubrication required to avoid excessive wear of the internal CV joining sections. If you experience the signs of a worn or damaged CV joint and the joint is not repaired immediately, the minor problem will cause further damage to your vehicle which will in turn lead to more costly repairs. The cost of repairing your CV joint is cheaper than the large repairs that you may face if an untreated defective CV joint is left.

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