The Basics Behind Differential Services at Advanced Auto Care

Many vehicles require a properly working differential system for the smoothest possible journey. Although all vehicles have a variation of a differential system, the position of the difference depends on the vehicle form of drive. The differential system provides the wheels with power, thus allowing the wheels to turn at different speeds. Every wheel in the car moves a different distance as the vehicle maneuvers around a corner. The two wheels on the outside of the turn go faster than the two wheels on the inside, and the rear wheels cover a distance different from the front wheels. Despite these differences, the differential allows the vehicle to complete turns easily. Differential fluid ensures that the differential device operates smoothly by reducing heat and resistance from moving parts.

Why Should You Have Differential Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Frictional heat can slowly cause the differential fluid to break down, making it harder to properly lubricate the differential. Degraded differential fluid is responsible for poor differential performance, excessive noise and excessive wear. For extreme reasons, old fluid will inevitably cause a differential breakdown, if not a total differential collapse, which means you will need to rebuild the entire differential network. Replacing a full differential device is expensive and can be avoided with regular maintenance as shown in your owner’s manual, which will provide you precise times for servicing your differential. Based on your needs, various components of your differential system can be tested when you receive a differential service, and probably modified or replaced to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

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