The Basics Behind Driveshaft Balance Services at Advanced Auto Care

The driveshaft which is situated between the differentials of your vehicle is responsible for transmitting torque and rotation to the drive wheels and other components of the drivetrain. The driveshaft is tubular with an outer metal housing and an inner metal cylinder that spins at the engine output determined by rotational force. The driveshaft basically tells the wheels to turn between idle and drive. Driveshafts are designed to withstand sheer stress and torsion and apply motion forces without adding extra weight or stress to other components of the drivetrain. Driveshaft components such as CV joints, U-joints, and yokes accommodate axial motion and allow for variation in driveline angles and component distances. Like tires, you should balance your driveshaft to promote safe operation and prevent failure. Once you are ready to match your driveshaft, we invite you to give us a call or a visit.

Why Should You Have CV Driveshaft Balance Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

The torque coming from the engine and the transmission must be equal to the speed at which the shaft spins to properly stabilize a driveshaft. Balancing the driveshaft will ensure smooth operation of the driveline and help to avoid the dangerous and damaging effects of a driveshaft that is out of control. Driveshafts are balanced between a pace, as the manufacturer has indicated. Failure can occur once the driveshaft reaches critical velocity resulting from an unstable amount of RPMs, a rate determined by the driveshaft’s length and diameter. Vibration is the most common sign of out of alignment between the driveshaft or other rotating components. When you start experiencing a vibration coming from the driveshaft of your car, contact us immediately so that our staff can identify the type of vibration that occurs and decide the appropriate repair procedure. We are proud to deliver superior customer support and professional advice on simple maintenance of the driveshaft.

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