The Basics Behind Engine Tune-Up Services at Advanced Auto Care

In the past, engine tune-ups were often more time-consuming as motorists were expected to test a number of components. Previously, engine tuning included testing of the regulator, cap, rotor, contact points for the ignition, condensers, carburetors, and more. Such elements are usually no longer used in engine tuning today, as the electronic control unit of a vehicle controls the timing of the engine. While not as many components need to be tested today, engine tune-ups often require a number of component inspections. These include cables, spark plugs, gasoline and gasoline filters, and diesel filters. Daily tune-ups should ensure that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently. Engine tuning ups can help avoid breakdowns and prolong an automobile’s life. A well tuned engine can help keep a vehicle running at optimum performance levels, which is why it is so important to maintain regular maintenance.

Why Should You Have Engine Tune-Up Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Our service staff will test your spark plugs during a tune-up, which is responsible for igniting the gasoline and air mixture to fuel your engine. We can also test the wires of your spark plug which transfer voltage generated by your spark plug. Old wires can burn out, causing a misfire. We will test your fuel filter condition which helps to stop debris from entering your engine. A bogged down fuel filter can result in poor acceleration and low engine performance. We should also look at your air filter, which should prevent contaminants from reaching the combustion engine. Restricted airflow makes your engine work harder and causes a loss of horsepower for your car. We will ensure optimum performance of those parts and more during our tune-up. For suggested service intervals, please stick to your owner’s manual and contact us when your engine is ready for a tune-up.

We proudly service the Engine Tune-Up needs of customers in Hanover, MD, Columbia, MD, Severn, MD, and surrounding areas.

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