The Basics Behind Excessive Smoke Diagnostic Services at Advanced Auto Care

There are many reasons a diesel engine can emit excessive smoke, from worn cylinders and piston rings to defective injectors and valves. Luckily, the smoke color will help a motorist diagnose the problem. A diesel engine can emit black, blue, or white smoke according to the issue. Black smoke typically shows issues with the combustion of coal. A low-quality fuel, a dirty air filter, an overabundance of fuel within, or other similar possibilities may cause this form of smoke. In general, blue smoke is related to the oil of the engine. Unless the combustion chamber contains oil, blue smoke may form as it burns. Additionally, when a driver starts a diesel engine, blue smoke tends to show up. In the end, white smoke often occurs when fuel is not properly burned. Wearing injectors, broken valves and stuck piston rings may cause white smoke.

Why Should You HaveExcessive Smoke Diagnostic Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

If your motor emits excessive smoke of any colour, allow us to make an excessive diagnosis of smoke. Our specialist staff will determine the source of the smoke from your vehicle and will help to fix the issue. We will examine how well the fuel burns when you bring your car to us and test the condition of your gasoline. Our employees are accustomed to diagnosing the possible causes of excessive smoke in diesel engines. We understand the relationship between the color of the smoke and your engine’s problem, and we will use our knowledge to identify the particular issue plaguing your vehicle. Whether the issue is small or large, we are ready to help get you back on the road with a healthy diesel engine.

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