The Basics Behind Exhaust Inspection Services at Advanced Auto Care

The exhaust system gathers and guides the toxic emissions emitted from the engine away from the car. Components of the exhaust system work together to reduce the amount of contaminants that are released into the atmosphere. The manifold extracts from the engine a mixture of air and gasoline, and consumes unused gasoline. The pollutants are transferred from the manifold via exhaust pipes into the catalytic converter, where the harmful elements are reduced and converted into less harmful gases in a platinum, rhodium, and palladium-coated honeycomb system. These gasses pass into the muffler which dampens noise and dissipates the sound waves produced in the engine during the process of combustion. Finally, the gases are emitted from the tailpipe to the atmosphere. Testing those components regularly for damage will help keep your exhaust system running at full capacity.

Why Should You Have Exhaust Inspection Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Since the exhaust system is responsible for regulating the emissions from your engine, an exhaust system inspection is vital to your health and car’s performance. An exhaust system leak is hazardous because carbon monoxide is released into the cabin compartment which can affect your judgment and perception. Usually exhaust noise is a sign of trouble, and should never be overlooked. Blockages and components that are clogged can cause power loss and a low fuel economy. Leaks often result from internal corrosion, which is why close, routine inspection of your exhaust system is of utmost importance for overall car maintenance. It will also inspect and replace the mounting components and gaskets as needed. All parts, including the muffler, catalytic converter, manifold, downpipe, and exhaust pipes, are visually checked for damage during an exhaust service and are tested for proper working order.

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