The Basics Behind Four Wheel Drive Inspection Services at Advanced Auto Care

The four-wheel drive lets a vehicle supply all four of its wheels with fuel. Drivers rely on four-wheel drive systems to provide better traction on snow, ice and off-road terrain. 4WD vehicles can be full- or part-time. As required by the driver, a part-time 4WD system can be activated and disengaged and is designed to be used in conditions where poor traction is a problem. Standard full-time 4WD systems reliably deliver power to all four wheels, and can work on any form of surface when driving. The 4WD system is aimed at transmitting torque to the wheels to prevent slippage. A four wheel drive system consists of various parts. These include the differentials, the nodes, and the case for shift. The transfer case delivers power to both the front and rear axles, while hubs help protect the wheels. In order to keep a 4WD vehicle running as planned, drivers should watch over the different sections of the system and have them inspected periodically during a 4WD operation.

Why Should You Have Four Wheel Drive Inspection Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

We understand the value of providing an operable 4WD device and maintaining it. Our workers know that transfer cases deal with a high amount of heat and friction that often has a negative impact on the fluid used in this component’s gears operation. If the fluid is tainted in your transfer case, our 4WD inspection service will help. The gears, shafts and hubs on your vehicle will also be checked or tested by our service staff. Faulty hubs can prevent a 4WD vehicle from switching between driving modes part time. Call us for a four-wheel drive test if you encounter any issues involving or disengaging from a part-time 4WD vehicle, or if you feel the time has arrived for a checkup.

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