The Basics Behind Glow Plug Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

Glow plugs are items shaped like pencils that help diesel engines operate. Essentially, they act as the diesel counterparts of spark plugs used in petrol engines. Like spark plugs, heat is used on glow plugs to get the engine moving. Glow plugs play a particularly important role during cold weather. This is because diesel engines often experience problems with the ignition when the temperature is low. Diesel engines allow air to exceed a certain temperature for fuel ignition to occur, but when they are cold they appear to absorb heat. Glow plugs help to solve this problem by giving enough heat to ignite the coal. Glow plugs, however, typically need little time to warm up before they can work. While gathering electricity, glowing plugs let off a slight light or glow. As a result, this cycle is sometimes referred to as “glittering.” Drivers should be able to start their diesel vehicles safely after the glow plugs stop warming up.

Why Should You Have Glow Plug Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

A diesel engine would have trouble igniting fuel in the combustion chamber without a working glow plug. Your glow plugs will wear out over time and require replacement. Faulty glow plugs may not ignite the fuel in your engine, and can result in idling and unwanted emissions of smoke. If your glow plugs act up, bring us your vehicle and our service personnel will remove the poor glow plugs. A fast start, rough idling, a misfiring engine and white smoke are symptoms of poor glow plugs. If these signs arise, our service staff should be able to check the glow plugs and install replacements. Our experienced workers are equipped with the right resources for the job and we look forward to helping out.

We proudly service the Glow Plug Replacement needs of customers in Hanover, MD, Columbia, MD, Severn, MD, and surrounding areas.

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