The Basics Behind Heater Hose Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

Heater hoses play a key role in the heating system of a vehicle that works in tandem with the refrigeration system. Running engines can create a huge amount of heat that needs to be moved away from the engine to prevent overheating and resulting breakdowns. Heater hoses are responsible for carrying the refrigerant to avoid overheating. Coolant or antifreeze flows into the engine, absorbs excess heat, and burns off the engine heat. More precisely, heater hoses are responsible for moving coolant from the engine to the heater heart, where the warm air can be expelled inside the vehicle’s cabin by activating the adjacent ventilator. Heater fans blast through the heart of the heater to heat up the engine and cool the antifreeze inside. The hoses move the coolant back to the cooling system route at a lower temperature, so that the coolant can continue to maintain stable temperatures inside the engine.

Why Should You Have Heater Hose Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Made of strong rubber, heater hoses are designed to support the hot coolant that is transferred from the engine to the heater heart. Weak climate control is a warning that your car has trouble with the hoses. They can become stiff and brittle or soft and mushy as your heater hoses near the end of their useful life. The coolant will spill and pool under the car if they break. When this happens, allow your heater hoses to be replaced by a member of our service personnel. A leaky hose ensures that your heating system won’t heat your car efficiently, and that your cooling system won’t have adequate coolant supplies. Leaky heater hoses can cause an overheating of your engine. As such, we advise you to check your heater hoses regularly to assess the proper time to remove them.

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