The Basics Behind Hub Services at Advanced Auto Care

Locking hubs, also referred to as free wheeling hubs, play a significant role in four-wheel drive systems. Normally located on the front wheels of part-time 4WD vehicles, locking hubs are used for engaging the front wheels and turning them as needed into driving wheels. One vehicle will not be able to enter four-wheel drive mode without locking hubs. In addition, it is the duty of locking hubs to disengage a vehicle from four wheel drive. Working hubs are critical for a part-time 4WD vehicle if a driver wants the benefits of through drive mode. Four-wheel drive helps motorists maintain a high degree of stability while driving on rugged terrain and under extreme environmental conditions, while two-wheel drive provides greater fuel economy and avoids unnecessary tire wear. Locking hubs are useful because they make it easy to switch between certain modes.

Why Should You Have Hub Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

They also cause harm when locking hubs are exposed to the atmosphere. This makes maintenance of the center of your locking hubs highly necessary for extending its life. Please bring your vehicle in for a hub repair if your hubs are damaged or malfunctioning. In extreme situations, the drive axle is not capable of contacting damaged hubs. You won’t be able to trigger a four-wheel drive if that happens. Even a defective hub will trigger the reverse condition and prevent you from being unable to disengage from 4 wheel driving. Depending on the injury, a replacement of the hub may be required although our service staff may be able to save the hub with a minor repair procedure in some cases.

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