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Lube, And Oil Change

The Basics Behind Lube and Oil Change Services at Advanced Auto Care

Changes in the engine oil and the lube are very necessary to keep the engine running properly. Motor oil keeps the engine lubricated and there is no unnecessary wear or friction on moving parts. Oil cools down the engine, prevents rust and corrosion, eliminates engine noise and works to eliminate pollutants from the engine with the oil filter. For your engine, oil is very important to help it work at optimum levels of efficiency.The engine gets really hot as you drive your car and heat causes the oil to break down. Broken down oil often doesn’t pass into the engine, ensuring the oil can’t do its job. Oil also cleans the engine as it is moving around. Dirty oil is moving slower than clean oil and can’t properly lubricate your engine. Additionally, the gritty particles in dirty oil will hamper its ability to minimize friction and increase wear on moving parts.

Why Should You Have Lube and Oil Change Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Your engine needs motor oil to keep it running properly, however old oil will break down, get dirty and ruin your car. Our staff must adjust the oil filter during an oil change, remove the dirty oil from your engine and replace it with clean, fresh oil to keep your engine running smoothly. Our service staff will lubricate the chassis and the internal frame which holds your car together during a lube and oil change. By the time your lube and oil change is done by our team, your engine will run smoothly, complete with a new oil filter, fresh oil and a lubricated frame. We proudly service the Lube and Oil Change needs of customers in Hanover, MD, Columbia, MD, Severn, MD, and surrounding areas. Areas Served : Hanover, MD, Columbia, MD, Severn, MD and surrounding areas