The Basics Behind Parking Brake Adjustment Services at Advanced Auto Care

You have a parking brake, whether you have a disk braking system or a drum brake system, which is responsible for locking the car in a parked position. The parking brake, also known as the emergency brake, is applied separately from normal braking and is triggered either by pulling the parking brake lever or by pressing a special button. Driving brake is used by most motorists while driving on a steep slope. The parking brake, however, can also be used to stop unexpectedly and avoid an accident. There are three types of parking brakes that use a mechanism for locking the ratchet: button, center level and pedal. Every type of parking brake depends on the driver’s seat design, and depending on the braking system, everything works differently. You should also check the owner’s manual to decide the appropriate location of a disengaged parking brake and whether an adjustment is needed for your parking brake or not.

Why Should You Have Parking Brake Adjustment Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

A parking brake that works correctly is vital to your protection and passenger health. At any point in your brake system’s existence, the parking brake can need to be changed for a few reasons. Parking brakes use cables for transmitting lever movement, and these cables extend as they age with use. A correctly tensioned cable is an integral part of making a parking brake firmly engaged. A parking brake that no longer grips as it once did or holds is another excuse to check for an improvement to the parking brake. Solutions to other parking brake issues may be found when removing parts or applying extra lubrication to moving components. Upon reviewing the parking brake and associated parts, our staff will assess the appropriate parking brake repair and modification procedures.

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