The Basics Behind Radiator Hose Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

The radiator hoses of your car or truck which attach the engine to the radiator are important components which maintain consistent internal engine temperatures. The upper pipe connects to the top of the motor, while the lower pipe connects to the foundation. To cool internal temperatures, the coolant flows into the engine and operates with the hoses. Radiator hoses bring hot coolant away from the engine and into the radiator, a large tank of narrow channels where the heat dissipation coolant flows in. Radiator fans, mounted behind the radiator, help to remove the antifreeze or refrigerant until it is in. The radiator hoses also bring the refrigerant back into the engine to remove the heat generated during the process of combustion. When the engine reaches operating temperatures, the hot coolant cycles return to the radiator where it is again cooled. The coolant is always extremely hot, since the engine can reach high temperatures. Over time, a hot coolant can cause radiator hoses to deteriorate from the inside out.

Why Should You Have Radiator Hose Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

One way to minimize the chance of engine failure and breakdown is to replace your radiator hoses. A visual inspection of your hoses can help you figure out the right time to replace them. Cracks, bulges, and hardened hoses are all indicators that the end of their useful life is nearing the radiator hoses. Poor output of the heating system also points to a problem with your hoses. Heat, vibrations and corrosion are all factors which contribute to bad radiator hoses. Another warning sign of a broken or corroded radiator hose which should be replaced is a coolant leak in either green, red, or yellow liquid. Bad hoses can cause serious engine damage through an overheating engine or catastrophic failure. At the first sign of a bad radiator hose, be sure to contact our service staff to have your radiator hose replaced.

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