The Basics Behind Rear Disc Brake Repair Services at Advanced Auto Care

Most brake systems use disk brakes at a vehicle’s rear. Most rear disk brake systems are fitted with brake pads, calipers, rotors and a parking brake brace. Calipers are responsible for pressing brake pads against the rotor fixed onto the rim of the wheel. When applying pressure on the brakes, the brake pads are pressed hydraulically against the brake disk to produce the necessary amount of friction to slow the turning rotor. The rear disk braking system transforms heat into kinetic energy. Many brake rotors have a ventilated design for removing heat from the brake system. After applying the parking brake, a piston is forced into the brake pad to prevent the car from moving. A parking brake assembly called a “drum in the cap” in some systems uses parking brake shoes to prevent the car from moving. Under even the toughest driving conditions, braking systems with rear disc brakes are proven to possess good stopping power. These are, however, also prone to the same form of wear and tear as any frequently used braking system.

Why Should You Have Rear Disc Brake Repair Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Naturally, braking produces a significant amount of heat and friction, so that rear disk brakes are worn from normal use. Routine inspections of rear disk brakes will prevent excessive wear from damaging other brake components such as calipers and rotors. Fully worn brake pads can trigger metal squeeze calipers on metal, which damages the rotors. Some disk brake pads have a wear indicator strip, which creates a whistling sound to warn you when new brake pads are needed.The calipers can often stop and keep from retracting all the way, which can cause faster wear on brake pads. Squealing and grinding sounds are the first signs of issues with the disk brakes, so be sure to search for a rear brake repair service for your disk brakes at the first sign of any issues. Properly working disk brakes are critical for your safety as well as for the safety of other road drivers.

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