The Basics Behind Rear Drum Brake Repair Services at Advanced Auto Care

Instead of rear disk brakes, some braking systems use rear drum brakes. The elements of the drum brake consist of brake pedals, shoes, wheel cylinders and hardware including springs and self-adjustments. The brake shoes rest on the drum until the brakes are put on. If the brake fluid is applied, it forces the wheel cylinders against the brake shoes, which in turn presses against the brake drum and produces the friction required to stop the vehicle. When you let the brakes off, the springs pull back the brake shoes to their original position. This self-adjusting mechanism helps to keep the brake shoes in place while not applying the brakes. When the brake shoes gradually get worn, the self-adjuster compensates for the worn area by changing the brake shoe’s original position so that it is closer to the brake drum. Since rear drum brakes serve an important role in slowing down your car, it’s wise to fix them and replace them as needed.

Why Should You Have Rear Drum Brake Repair Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Rear drum brakes produce a significant amount of heat and friction during operation that can weaken components of the brake over time. Grinding, crying, or squealing, shows dirty brake shoes rubbing against the brake wall. Worn springs and an insufficiently lubricated self-adjuster will cause swift wear down of brake shoes. Excessive and rapid wear can also point to issues with other components. Wheel cylinders that do not receive sufficient brake fluid and worn springs that cannot return brake shoes to their original location are both leading to worn brake shoes and eventual rear brake repairs. Since driving on damaged rear drum brakes can put yourself and other passengers ‘ lives at risk, it’s vital to fix your brakes when required. Our repair service to the rear drum brake can help. We cover rear drum brakes and components — such as brake shoes, wheel levers, springs, and self-adjusters — to help ensure optimum efficiency of the drum brakes.

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