The Basics Behind Serpentine Belt Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

As the timing belt synchronizes engine cycles, peripheral cycles in the engine compartment are operated by the serpentine belt, such as the power steering pump, water pump, cooling fan, air conditioner and alternator. The serpentine belt gets its name from the snake-like direction it takes through the different steering and electrical components it’s driving. Belt friction also plays a major role in maintaining the serpentine belt. A properly tensioned belt helps encourage long belt life while ensuring that all components during service are not stressed or strained. Serpentine belts are strong, designed to withstand years of continuous and heavy use, but every manufacturer is preparing a natural life for them. While replacing your serpentine belt is a normal part of overall car maintenance, regular inspections of your serpentine belt can help avoid breakdowns. If you suspect a problem with your serpentine belt, please call us or email us for help.

Why Should You Have Serpentine Belt Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Since your serpentine belt controls varying processes at the front of your engine, belt failure will result in the other processes failing. If the water pump, an essential part of the cooling system, is not operated by the serpentine belt, your engine could overheat and break down. Without a properly working chain, steering will be difficult too. You can keep your serpentine belt running as planned through daily inspections. Visual checks are the best way to identify early signs of belt issues with the serpentine, such as frays and cracks. A further warning of potential belt loss is difficulty turning or steering at low speeds. A loose belt can cause overheating, noise from the engine or a dead battery. Manufacturers advise adherence to strict maintenance periods in order to plan replacement of a serpentine belt. When it’s time to get your serpentine belt replaced, just call us or email us online.

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