The Basics Behind Shock Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

Shock absorbers are components of the suspension system in your vehicle which help your tires stay in contact with the road surface. They dampen the impact of road force and absorb spring rebounding and other components of suspension. Front and rear shocks, including bumps, potholes and abrupt maneuvers, are engineered to adapt to driving conditions. They also lower bounce rates, swaying and squat brake dives or acceleration. Modern day shocks are velocity-sensitive, meaning the faster the springs and other components of the suspension travel, the more resistance the shocks provide.

Why Should You Have Shock Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Replacing shocks can maximize the performance of your entire suspension system. The components in your suspension system interact and depend on each other. Shock absorbers and brakes work together to help your vehicle stop as soon as possible upon engaging the brake pedal. Worn shocks mean your vehicle is less likely to stop exactly when and where you want. In fact, bad shocks can increase your stopping distance by up to 10 feet. Worn shock absorbers will cause your vehicle to dive when braking. With a set of bad shocks, you may experience problems like bounce, body roll, sway, and other unexpected movements in your suspension system. Health shocks improve braking and handling, making your vehicle easier to control. Replacing front and rear shocks as necessary will help promote a safe road for everyone.

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