The Basics Behind Struts Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

Although the shocks and struts work somewhat similar, the main difference is how they install onto your vehicle. Shocks work alongside other components of the suspension, while struts are designed as a focal point for the steering mechanism. Struts serve as a damping device that absorbs excessive bounce. The strut assembly incorporates one working unit of coil springs, spring backs, strut bearings, and shock absorbers. Some strut designs also include the steering neck or steering knuckle. Struts use a piston for the absorption of heavy lateral charges. The spring seat and strut bearings enable the front wheels and the steering mechanism to rotate with the shock. Struts and corresponding components of the suspension help push back tires as you leave the lane. Generally, struts work together with the rest of the suspension system to help stabilize the vehicle while ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Why Should You Have Struts Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Worn struts increase braking distance, and improve body roll, sway, and bounce rate. The bounce test, in which you bounce a few times at each corner of your car, is a perfect way to assess whether or not you need to schedule a new strut. When the vehicle bounces and settles down, the struts work as they should. If your vehicle starts to bounce you will try as soon as possible to remove the struts on your suspension system. Many signs the struts need to be replaced include excessive brake dive, squat acceleration, body roll or swaying, and irregular patterns of tire wear. Unusual noise from struts may also mean that a replacement is needed for the spring seat or strut bearing. If you notice any of the symptoms of tired struts above, please contact us immediately. Replacing the struts will improve the vehicle’s acceleration, handling and general controllability.

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