The Basics Behind Suspension Inspection Services at Advanced Auto Care

The main function of the suspension system for your vehicle is to provide structural support whilst maintaining comfortable riding conditions. The suspension system helps the tires of your vehicle always keep firm contact on the road by compensating for bumps, potholes and sudden undulations. Components of the suspension system, such as coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, shocks and struts all help absorb bounce, shock and unexpected motion from the road surface. Without a fully functioning suspension system, it will make it harder to control your vehicle. Since daily wear and tear is taking its toll on your suspension system, scheduling routine maintenance and recognizing the signs of an imminent operation are a vital part of maintaining the suspension system. Experiencing irregular movements over bumps, for example, or around turns are signals that a qualified worker should check the suspension device. If you suspect issues with the suspension system, please call or email us.

Why Should You Have Suspension Inspection Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Understanding how to spot issues with steering and suspension will help you decide when an inspection is needed. Over time, your suspension system components, such as coil springs, shock absorbers, struts, spikes, tie rods, ball joints, and sway bar ties, can weaken and fail, thus decreasing your vehicle’s ability to maintain control. Signs of an imminent suspension test involve shocks or struts falling out. Nose-dives are also indicators of a problem with the vehicle’s suspension system when braking and bottoming out during bumps. If you start experiencing driving disturbances such as rolling, swaying or odd stiffness, please contact us today for your steering and suspension system test. Besides being aware of the signs and symptoms of a damaged suspension system, be sure to review your owner’s manual when assessing your vehicle’s suspension system’s maintenance schedules and intervals for inspections.

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