The Basics Behind Sway Bar Link Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

Connecting the wheels on opposite sides of the vehicle is a sway bar called a stabilizer bar. By shifting the vehicle’s weight to both sides of the suspension, the sway bar is credited with controlling “body roll” The sway bar maintains the vehicle stability by reducing body roll by shifting vehicle weight to the outside wheels while the car is going around a turn. It also ensures strong contact with the ground surface by compressing the components of the suspension on the inside wheels. Sway bar ties are a key part of the suspension system in your car. The sway bar connections are what link the suspension to the sway bar and move the motion force from the wheels to the axles. When the vehicle turns or curves, the sway bar end connects to pull onto the bar to avoid body roll while stabilizing the vehicle’s motion force and weight.

Why Should You Have Sway Bar Link Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Since the sway bar connections are responsible for moving the motion force from the wheels to the sway bar and to the rest of the suspension system, if a sway bar end link is broken, the vehicle’s controllability and passenger safety are at risk. Although some sway bar links have bushing that can be replaced, on wearing out, other sway bar links need replacements. Clunks and squeaks are warning signs of a broken or bad sway chain. Over-steering and repetitive leaning around turns are also symptoms of weakened sway bar links, but they may also be indicators of bigger issues with the suspension system in your car. Do not allow signs of incorrect sway bar ties or other components of suspension to go untreated. Small issues with suspension structures, if not fixed or replaced, continue to turn into bigger problems and costlier fixes. If you encounter any of the above-mentioned symptoms, let our service staff decide whether a replacement of the sway bar connection is right for you.

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