The Basics Behind Timing Belt Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

In certain automobiles the timing belt, or timing chain, is a drive belt that synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft of the engine with the opening and closing of the valves of the engine. The water pump can also rotate, depending on the vehicle. The timing belt turns the camshaft as the crankshaft spins, which opens and closes the valves of the engine to allow the pistons to travel up and downwards. The engine works in four phases of the vehicle: intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. Intake valves open and exhaust valves close during the intake process, as fuel and air reach the cylinders. In the compression and combustion process the valves close as the air and fuel are combined, heated, and ignited by spark plugs. Throughout the exhaust process, the remaining air and fuel is forced outside the exhaust valve. Throughout regular engine operation the timing belt is responsible for synchronizing this cycle and for opening and closing valves.

Why Should You Have Timing Belt Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Avoiding a replacement of the timing belt will lead to complete failure of the engine. A damaged or stretched belt can interfere with the working order of the valves and pistons, which can cause a piston to strike a valve and harm the engine. Warning signs for a timing belt malfunction include rough idling or trouble starting the engine. Cracks on the belt, made of hardened rubber, are a sign that it could split very soon. Replacing your timing belt will help keep your engine running as it should, and make sure you prevent future costly repairs. Your belt will be repaired and aligned with the crankshaft and camshaft during our maintenance operation, to restore proper operating efficiency and order. It is generally recommended that you also change your water pump during a service for replacing the timing belt. If your water pump fails later, your vehicle will suffer considerable damage. Consider getting a new one mounted at this time, as the water pump is simple to adjust during a replacement of the timing belt. Referring to your owner’s manual can help you decide the correct service intervals for maintaining the timing belt.

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