The Basics Behind Transfer Case Repair Services at Advanced Auto Care

Four-wheel drive systems operate with a transfer case, a type of gearbox typically behind the transmission. The transfer case is designed to help the vehicle apply the appropriate amount of torque the driver needs. In 4WD and all wheel driving vehicles, gears (and sometimes a chain if the vehicle is a new make or model) are used in the transfer case to help the vehicle reach or retain four wheel drive. Both switch cases must use a lubricant to keep the gears up and working properly. Because transfer cases play a key role in a 4WD vehicle’s success, we advise our customers to watch over and repair their respective transfer cases when appropriate. The suggested transition case-inspection intervals can differ depending on the vehicle. As such, drivers should look for suggestions from their owner’s manuals and from car manufacturers.

Why Should You Have Transfer Case Repair Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

If you have problems with your transfer case, bring your 4WD vehicle into our shop and let our service staff look around. Do you feel the noise of grinding, the leaks of lubrication or some other problem? Our technicians have the right equipment to test your transfer case, and we will be working hard to fix or upgrade your transfer case so that your 4WD vehicle performs best. We can also check if your lubricant is dirty during our operation, and drain and refill you with the solvent. Be sure to adhere to the service intervals for the management of simple transfer cases.

We proudly service the Transfer Case Repair needs of customers in Hanover, MD, Columbia, MD, Severn, MD, and surrounding areas.

Areas Served : Hanover, MD, Columbia, MD, Severn, MD and surrounding areas