The Basics Behind Transfer Case Services at Advanced Auto Care

One of the operable elements of a four-wheel drive system is a transfer case. The transfer case is present in both full-time and part-time 4WD vehicles and works with the aid of gears and, in many modern cars, a chain. In general, a transfer case attaches indirectly to the rear of the transmission. The transmission sends power to the transfer case, which in effect sends power to the front and rear drive shafts, or torque. The transfer case causes the wheels to turn at the same speed, and the vehicle can join or retain its four wheel drive. Often part-time 4WD vehicles use a transfer case with an additional set of gears that allow extra torque to be created by selecting a high or low gear range. That can make steep hills and mountains easier to climb. Transfer cases often contain a lubricant which keeps gears working properly. Since they are an integral part of the 4WD network, it is vital that the drivers retain it.

Why Should You Have Transfer Case Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

This will help prolong the life of your transfer case and 4WD device by adhering to appropriate service intervals for transfer case maintenance. Being aware of the symptoms of a defective transfer case can also help to decide the best time for your transfer case to be serviced. Warning signs include noise grinding, difficulty moving to 4WD and lubrication leakage. A defective transfer case can prevent a vehicle from engaging in or disengaging from a four-wheel drive in a part-time 4WD vehicle. Additionally, contaminated lubricant inside the transfer case will damage the gears. Our staff will look at your transfer case and remove any bad fluid. We’ll also study the case, its gears, and the chain if there is one. Upon being ready, let us support you with our transfer case service to prevent unnecessary damage to your 4WD system.

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