The Basics Behind Transmission Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

If your car has an automatic or manual transmission, the transmission’s duty remains the same: route power from the engine to the driving wheels. The transmission effectively transforms the engine’s RPMs into torque which is transferred to the vehicle’s drive wheels. By changing gears, the engine switches between a number of speeds as the vehicle speeds up and slows down. Transmission fluid serves as a refrigerant. The fluid lubricates the internal gears and prevents corrosion and rust, thus helping eliminate pollutants from the fluid through the transmission filter. Manual and automatic transmission components within can vary, but regular maintenance is all about keeping internal components running and working as they should. Once your transmission life expires, our service team will replace your manual or automatic transmission with a reliable aftermarket transmission that meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the transmission that was originally fitted with.

Why Should You Have Transmission Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Transmission trouble is a major problem when it comes to car maintenance overall. Taking action after hearing the transmission’s abnormal sounds will help avoid significant transmission repairs, but there are times when removing a transmission is the only option. Grinding and crunching noises alert you to internal gear problems. Also, if your transmission is in a stable state, excessive noise is a warning that internal transmission components such as bearings, gears, shafts and rusty or expired transmission fluid should be replaced. If your car has an automatic or manual transmission, slipping off the gear is another indication of transmission difficulty. The scent of burning fluid coming from your air vents alerts you to a transmission overheating. If a failure occurs, please contact us for a replacement of the transmission.

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