Description of Transmission Service

The transmission is the connection between the vehicle’s engine and wheels. If you’re driving a manual, automatic, or semi- car, the transmission plays a key role in your vehicle’s efficiency and reliability. The transmission keeps engine output balanced in terms of speed and load. Since engines run at high rotational speeds, the transmission decreases the speed of engine output and transmits torque through the differential, driveshaft and wheels. As the speed of the engine varies, the transmission switches between gears which affect the amount of torque applied to the wheels. Transmission fluid performs various duties, depending on the transmission type. Transmission fluid serves as a cooling agent and protects the transmission from corrosion and rust by lubricating the internal gears. In a manual transmission, clutches and gear changes provide pressure and tension — such as engagement and disengagement — while in an automatic transmission, the transmission fluid provides these same power and pressure operating functions.

Benefits of Transmission Service

Faulty transmission will adversely affect the efficiency of your vehicle. Symptoms of an impending transmission operation include grinding gears, shifting difficulties, falling out of gear, buckling and hesitation. Also, if the transmission is neutral, unnecessary noise is a sign of issues with transmission. For manual transmission, another indication of transmission problems is a dragging clutch, or a clutch that does not disengage from the flywheel. If this happens, the clutch keeps turning with the engine of the car, and there is going to be a grinding noise. A burning smell that sifts through the air vents is a warning of burning transmission fluid and transmission overheating. Things that can impact your transmission life negatively include extreme driving habits, excessive loads or heavy towing habits. New, dirty and unchanged transmission fluid can cause performance problems because of the required pressure and force generated by the transmission fluid in automatic transmissions. Regular transmission maintenance as indicated by the manufacturer of your vehicle may help prevent transmission problems but if you experience any of the above warning signs of transmission problems, please contact us today about transmission repair.

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