The Basics Behind U-Joint Replacement Services at Advanced Auto Care

Universal joints, often referred to as u-joints, are flexible couplings that play an important role in your vehicle. One of the U-joint primary duties is to transfer the rotational force between the transmission, the driveshaft and the differentials that are responsible for turning the driving wheels of the car. As a vital linking part, a u-joint should be sufficiently flexible to account for changes in angle and alignment between driveshaft and differentials. U-joints consist of four hands, or trunnions, extending from the middle or body of the cross. Bearing caps cover the legs and are located within the yokes, which are designed to turn and spin as they rotate with the driveshaft. While several original U-joints are sealed, some U-joints on the aftermarket are greasable and should be regularly lubricated. Knowing the form of U-joints on your vehicle will help you assess the correct maintenance intervals and decide when to remove a U-joint.

Why Should You Have U-Joint Replacement Services Performed at Advanced Auto Care?

Clicking, squeaking, and grinding noises when driving are signs of alarm that your u-joints can need replacing. If a damaged u-joint is left untreated, the cost of repairing the u-joint will be cheaper than the big repairs you can face. Significant signs of a defective u-joint are vibration and rattling. Grinding noises may be an indicator of metal on metal, causing rapid wear out of the u-joints. U-joints may bend because they are subject to torque and engine force. U-joints can rust on older cars, adding surface resistance to the joints, making them less able to turn as they once did. Routine inspections of u-joints are considered to prevent costly repairs. Replacing your u-joints at the first sign of trouble would also help to avoid driveline failure in your car. Give us a call if you need new u-joints.

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